Name list of 75 Districts and their Headquaters of Nepal

1. Bhaktapur District (Bhaktapur)
2. Dhading District (Dhading Besi)
3. Kathmandu District (Kathmandu)
4. Kavrepalanchok District (Dhulikhel)
5. Lalitpur District (Patan)
6. Nuwakot District (Bidur)
7. Rasuwa District (Dhunche)
8. Sindhupalchok District (Chautara)
9. Banke District (Nepalgunj)
10. Bardiya District (Gulariya)

Google+ (google Plus) In Nepal

Nepali social networking sites users are eager to know about the google's latest social networking site Google+ after the failure of previously lauched Google Buzz,orkut and others.
IF so:
How to get google+invitation?
what is the link to get invitation?

Get rid of unnecessary facebook notifications in email

Dear Facebook users,it is hereby to give you hints to get rid from unnecessary facebook notifications in your email, which sometimes hides your necessary emails as well. Actually its not a great deal rather its the deal of technique how we apply which we sometimes do not know:
Here are the steps:

Step No 1 Log into where the page displays like this:

Rural development: Base to reduce poverty

Till now the rural areas people of Nepal are deprived from using the facility of electricity, road drinking water health, education and other many things. Approximately 40 percent of the Nepalese people live below the poverty line. The rural area people mainly depend in farming for their livelihood. The bitter truth is that Nepal has many resources but they are not used properly.

Development is in slow motion. No development programs are done regularly, continuously and systematically. Day by day people are suffering from various problems. People are mainly suffering from poverty, health care, education, clean drinking water and sanitation services. Rural poor people are generally illiterate, have large families, and are landless or have very small landholdings.

The political parties of Nepal are debating with each other for chair. They are doing politics for their own sake not for the sake of the public people. People are made puppets. They are by many wonderful things in the election time. In fact political leaders are so much talent to give speech. They take people to the heavenly world by speech not in practice.

The constitution has provided many sorts of rights to people. Rules and regulations are made so well but in practice they are not implemented. Specially hilly and Himalayan region people are deprived from development programs. Because of poor growth in the agricultural sector, living standards in rural areas are deteriorating and poverty is increasing.

The growing population has put huge pressure on cultivable land, especially in the Terai region, which also supports many landless migrants from the hills Today is the era of communication and technology. Till now there are such remote places where we should go by foot. People have even seen the vehicles. We can evaluate the plight of remote areas from the literacy rate also. If we compare the literacy rate of rural area and the city area we can find vast difference. Government and people both are responsible for the development of rural areas. Both parties should be responsible and work in collaboration.